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Norwin Soccer Club Return to Play protocol is an overview how the club is resuming soccer activities with the transitioning into Green Phase by the Commonwealth of PA. CDC, PA Dept of Health and PAW Soccer guidelines will be followed to best protect all players, coaches, referees and spectators. It would be expected to be followed by all.

All return to play to the game of soccer is voluntary and the club must accommodate a child’s return at a later date.

Maintain a Safe Playing Environment

·         Do not attend practice or game if not feeling well

·         Wear a mask

·         Wash hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer before, during and after training/games.

·         Do not touch your face

·         Do not share water bottles or food

·         Follow Social distancing and posted distancing guidelines at Turner Valley Facility

·         No handshakes, high-fives, fist bumps at end of game




As of 3/1/2021 Gov Wolf removed the restrictions on travel and recommended quarantining upon return to PA






Detailed Specific Sections


·         Do not attend practice or game if not feeling well

·         If you do not feel well at practice notify your coach

·         Bring own equipment (clean equipment; shoes, ball, uniform with appropriate disinfectant after practice/game

·         Bring own water bottle

·         Use hand sanitizer prior to training/game, during breaks from training/game and following completion of training/game

·         Practice social distancing when not in active play (bench area, no celebration, no handshakes)

·         Players are required to wear a mask while playing or training.

·         No Post-Game Snacks

If you have been exposed to a individual who has tested positive for Covid-19 and you are quarantined from work or school, then you are not to come to practice or games until your quarantine is over.  



·         Do not attend child’s practice/game if not feeling well

·         Inform Coach/Club Admin if player or family member that attends a NSC Facility becomes positive for COVID-19 or risk of contact with COVID-19 positive person changes

·         Wear mask always when out of automobile.

·         Observe facility social distancing guideline posted at NSC Soccer Facilities

·         Utilize hand sanitizer prior and immediately after event







Coaches   This section outlines the requirements for coaches participating in club activities.

·         Do not attend practice/game if not feeling well

·         Query each player if they have had any contact with COVID-19 + person or have a fever, cough, nasal congestion, Rhinorrhea (runny nose), sore throat

·         Report to Club Admin if of any COVID-19 positive persons or risk of contact with COVID-19 person changes

·         Complete Daily Attendance Log and maintain record for possible contact tracing in event of positive COVID-19 person

·         Follow and institute NSC social distancing guidelines for players

·         Coaches must wear masks during practice/games  

·         Wash Hands frequently with hand sanitizer during practice/games

·         Clean equipment (cones, pennies, soccer balls) with EPA approved cleaning solution

·         Team huddles should maintain social distancing

·         Strict adherence to start/stop time of training/games


Club Administrators

·         Enforce Club established guidelines for personal hygiene, social distancing, reporting of positive COVID-19 cases


NSC Facilities

·         Fields will be marked for Social Distancing for benches as well as spectators

·         Staggered start times on different fields by 30 minutes to reduce risk for inability to social distance

·         Place 30 minutes between end/start of consecutive games

·         Restroom facilities will be cleaned daily

·         Restroom will be limited to four (4) persons at a time per each room.







COVID Positive Response Plan

·         Coaches will be required to complete daily attendance log of all players who attended training session/game

·         In Event of person identified as COVID-19 positive

o   Player/parent to notify Head Coach of team and PA Dept of Health

o   Head Coach will notify NSC Administrator via phone immediately.

o   Head Coach and NSC Administrators will notify all members on the Daily Attendance Log of possible exposure of COVID-19. (Participant confidentiality will be maintained)

o   This team will go into quarantine following CDC and PA Department of Health guidelines from NSC Facilities and will not participate in team activities and follow CDC guidelines for self-quarantining for possible COVID-19 exposure.

o   NSC will close facility until deep clean of facility is completed and allow for contact to all possible exposures by Head Coach and NSC Administrator. Once facility is deemed clean will re-open to all teams unaffected.










Established 6/2020

Revised 7/18/2020, 7/23/2020

PAW Approval


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