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Norwin Soccer Club (NSC) Travel teams compete against other teams of the same age group and skill level from other local soccer clubs in the PA West Soccer Association.  NSC organizes both boys and girls teams for children from the U9 through U19 age group.  U9 through U14 teams are formed for one year and play games in the fall and spring seasons. Following the PA West rules, U15 through U19 age teams only play games in the spring.  Registration for U15 to U19 travel teams will open in the winter and, if needed, tryouts will be held in an indoor facility.

The travel league games are general scheduled on Sunday afternoons, with kickoff times typically between 12pm (noon) and 5pm. PA West will assign the number of games, which can range from 6-8 games per season. Participation in other tournaments or training/league play during the winter will be up to the individual coaches. Travel teams typically practice one or two evenings a week at Turner Valley Soccer Complex.

PA West Travel League Division Gameplay Details

 Age GroupFormatBall Size Game Duration 
 U9 - U10 7v7 (6+GK) 4 Two 25 min halves 
 U11 - U12 9v9 (8+GK)  4 Two 30 min halves 
 U13 - U14 11v11 (10+GK) 5 Two 35 min halves 
 U15-U1611v11 (10+GK)  5Two 40 min halves  
 U17+ 11v11 (10+GK) 5Two 45 min halves  

Joining A Travel Team

All players wishing to play on a Norwin Soccer Club travel team are required to register for our travel evaluations which are held in May or June (near the end of the spring season) for the upcoming Fall/Spring player season. Registration for evaluation is free, but mandatory, and done through the NSC website. 

Evaluations are conducted by experienced youth soccer coaches and involve activities such as small-sided games/full field games, skills demonstration and physical fitness. The requirement to participate in travel evaluations applies to players already on travel teams, as well as to new players.

Travel Teams are formed using evaluation scores and input from coaches, to create the opportunity for children to play at a level appropriate for their skills and abilities with an emphasis on what is best for their development. To accomplish this, teams are formed at multiple levels of competition available through the PA West leagues ranging from Division 4 (most competitive) through Division 6 (least competitive). The final number of teams depends on the number of players, the skill of the pool of players, and coach availability/volunteering .Due to the limits of roster size and the competitive nature of the Travel League, some of the players who attend evaluations may not be placed on a travel team. 

Before the start of each season, NSC reassesses the composition of travel teams at each age level. It is common for children to be assigned to different teams and for teams to switch divisions, depending on their skill level. These trends are natural outcomes of children developing soccer skills at different rates and roster sizes growing in older age divisions. Children may play on a team with the same children from year to year, as the players age-up through the travel league. However, keeping children together from year to year is not the primary consideration guiding team formation.

Once evaluations and team assignments are completed (early-summer), NSC send an official roster invitation for players to join a travel team and to register through the Norwin Soccer Club website for the upcoming Fall/Spring playing season.


The cost of the travel season is $320. This covers the cost of the fall and spring PA West season and includes the cost of the uniforms. Any additional league or tournament participation are up to the individual team coaches and would be an additional cost not paid through Norwin Soccer Club.

The cost of registration includes $50.00 for each player's participation in our fundraiser. Each player will receive 5 tickets to sell at $10.00 per ticket. The winning ticket will be based off the Pennsylvania Lottery Daily Number (Pick 3) evening drawing for a week TBD in the beginning of the fall season. Your child(ren) will receive these tickets at his/her first practice. Stubs will not need to be returned to the club. Winners will need to contact the number on the ticket to claim their prize and must produce winning stub to collect the money. The money you collect from selling these tickets is yours to keep and does not need to be turned in because you already paid for them at registration.

Coaching a Travel Team

Travel coaches are volunteers who are interested in soccer and in coaching at a more competitive level. Norwin Soccer Club requires coaches to obtain a US Soccer Grassroots License equivalent with the age group level they are coaching or higher. Coaches holding an "E License" certificate meet this criteria. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that coaches have the teaching skills to be able to teach players the game of soccer. Coaches, including those who have played soccer in high school, college or beyond, will also benefit from taking coaching courses/clinics.

For a calendar of available coaching courses and a list of coaching resources, please check PA West or the U.S. Soccer Learning Center websites.

All coaches must obtain background check clearances once every 5 years. For more details on the clearances required and guidance on obtaining them please access the PA West Risk Management page. 


Please contact our travel coordinator, Matt Klingensmith, at [email protected].