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We would like to welcome all new players and families as well as all of our returning families to the Norwin Soccer Club's Spring season. The main objective in First Kicks Soccer is to have FUN! We hope to introduce the game of soccer to families and children through fun activities and give everyone in our community a chance to meet new friends. First Kicks Soccer will meet for an hour each Saturday  (Field and time TBD at Turner Valley). 

Initial Expectations:

We have had an overwhelming response to this program. As a result we expect to have a large group of children and parents on the fields again each week. As any parent with a young child knows, the term “organized chaos” might fit the situation at times. We view this as a positive to both a child’s development and growing to enjoy the game of soccer. We also appreciate your patience with any kinks that need worked on from week to week.

Please keep in mind this program is not geared toward developing soccer players at age 3 and 4. This program is in place to allow your child to have fun and interact with other children. An additional benefit we hope to see is you and your family enjoying the game of soccer. Also, we would encourage and appreciate if you could join your child during activities. We want each week to be enjoyable for everyone.

Item your child will need:
1. Size 3 Soccer Ball
2. A water bottle
3. Proper weather attire

Items to avoid:
1. Do not wear clothing with metal zippers, metal buttons or other hazardous clothing items
2. No earrings, bracelets, necklaces or other jewelry
3. No hair bows with hard plastic items/clips

Items to consider but not required are soccer cleats and shin guards. Again, neither are required at this age however the fields may be wet, muddy, and slippery at times. Also, we will not be placing the children in situations where they are kicking at each other. There will be no need for shin guards but if your child feels more like a soccer player or if you feel more comfortable, feel free to have your child wear them each week. If you are purchasing these for the first time make sure you find a small size that would not prohibit a child from running and moving.

We will distribute shirts to each child and these are yours to keep.


This Spring, we are extremely fortunate to have club trainers run this program with the assistance of parent volunteers. All official volunteers will have all their appropriate clearances. Our trainers all have national licenses through the US Soccer National Coaching program and have been coaching soccer at various levels through the years. They are looking forward to having a fun season with all the players!


We would appreciate any type of feedback you have for coaches and the overall program each week. Please provide this feedback in an appropriate manner. If you would like to provide feedback, please do this after each week is over by sending an email.


YES… we play soccer in the rain and/or snow. It is up to you as a parent to decide if your child plays in any of these conditions especially at these young ages. We will only cancel if the fields are closed. Please check the website at for field closures.

The Norwin Soccer Club is dedicated to programs that provide enjoyment to families of our community. We want children to learn and be introduced to the Club and the game of soccer. We understand that families within our community are the most important piece to our organization.

Thank you,
Lauren Karcher
NSC First Kicks/Tiny Kickers Coordinator
[email protected]